Late Summer Snack: the best oil, cheese & bread

olive oil olives leaves bowl kitchen food

This isn’t a recipe, just an idea. In this late summer heat when cooking _anything_ is too much fuss to contemplate and eating is more of a pecking and nibbling affair, we have eaten the most amazing meal of excellent quality olive oil, mozarella, ham and bread, nothing else, but perhaps some flakes of crumbly white sea salt to sit on the creamy skin of the cheese. It was divine! and it felt so nourishing, somehow perfectly in keeping with the season, the sun, a serendipity central to the best eating, I think.

Nicolas Alziari and his family have been making olive oil over generations in Nice, in the South of France. The city has a special place in my heart because my husband and I know it very well; we even honeymooned there. The Alziari shop is tucked away in Nice old town; this is what it looked like in the nineteenth century!

olive oil nicolas alziari nice france french europe gourmet cuisine
Their oil is fantastic, it tastes fresh, kind of green, if that makes any sense [I even put it on my skin, sometimes; I swear it adds a lovely glow when your skin feels tired! here’s some other great beauty uses for olive oil]. So thank you, Alzari family, for adding a little French panache to this London girl’s summer.