Two Sweet Babies & The Season of Cosiness


Let me tell you a secret: I was dreading the long summer break. I lovelovelove baby number one to bits, but the prospect of nigh on seven weeks of him, uninterrupted, was slightly daunting. He’s loud and rough sometimes, as little boys are, and, well, a bit of a handful, especially when he tries to throw his sister out the window/feeds toast into the DVD player etc etc. But it’s been lovely. We’ve done lots of little trips to museums, romps in the park, baking and lots and lots of battle re-enactments with his troop of plastic soldiers. And now, since it’s still raining in London, even brown leaves showing their faces on a couple of gutters, we’ve decided the season of warm cosiness has officially begun. We made fluffy pancakes with strawberry sauce this evening, then splished in the suds of a warm bath, followed by an inaugural cup of hot chocolate, while the rain steadily pattered outside. And even though I’ll probably get fewer tension headaches, go hoarse less often and drink less wine when he goes back to school, I’m realising I’m gonna miss him.