Agatha Christie, the ‘Diehard Wave-Rider’

agatha christie surf board writer woman photography
Isn’t this picture amazing? It was taken in Waikiki in the 1920s, when Agatha Christie and her husband were visiting the island and decided to learn how to surf! Christie was actually one of the first recorded British surfers, according to the Museum of British Surfing; who would have thought it?

And check out the outfit! Apparently, Christie swapped her usual, silky swimsuit for something a little more practical, but equally glamorous: “A wonderful, skimpy emerald green wool bathing dress, which was the joy of my life, and in which I thought I looked remarkably well!”

She later wrote in her autobiography: “I learned to become expert – or at any rate expert from the European point of view – the moment of complete triumph on the day that I kept my balance and came right into shore standing upright on my board!”

Well I never.

via how to be a retronaut and the guardian