Technology Made Human: Zim & Zou

Hello peeps: here I am, sleepily emerging from a long, bank holiday weekend in the UK. It’s colder and greyer outside; everything seems to be gradually hunkering down for Winter.

I was so inspired by the energy of this project by Zim and Zou.
zim zou back to basics graphic art design illustration<a

You should check it out; they spent a year making these gadgets from paper and card. Aren’t the colours amazing? Thhis project makes me think about the ideas of technology and craft, often described in opposition to one another. Here, the technological equipment of everyday objects like cameras, phones etc has provided the inspiration for this painstakingly hand-crafted art. There’s a sort of union, coalition there. Maybe an uneasy one, I suppose. Here we have consumer items so fragile, so easily broken, the complete opposite to the normal promises of consumer goods [will last a lifetime! like me or your money back! etc etc].

What do these pictures say to you?