Well-Loved & Lived In: Huckleberry Vintage

I recently discovered Huckleberry Vintage, a fantastic and unbelievably-reasonably priced vintage store on etsy. Kala Noel is the brains behind this outfit [wonderfully wafting through a field of summer flowers, above]. There are so many great pieces to choose from —

Doesn’t she have geat style? I love how she models most of the clothes herself [it helps that she’s very beautiful!]. Her pieces are really up to date, like the white lace dress, the BRIGHT pink dress and the floppy-brimmed hat — perfect for this season.

I buy loads of things from vintage and charity shops, but I was surprised to learn recently that a lot of people are still anti-secondhand because they don’t like the idea of somebody else having been in their clothes. Charity shops are so different to how they used to be, though. Like they don’t have that musty smell, loads of their stuff is brand new and often quite recently bought [a mark of our throwaway culture, perhaps]. I’ll admit to enjoying thrifting. Nay, I’ll admit to actually finding myself with a pacing heartbeat rummaging through my local Cancer Research on occasion, giddy as I am with excitement at what’s to be found. Am I alone? Do you get me, people?