Mmm Donuts & Quirky Weddings

donut wedding cake
And with that sentiment, I wish you a happy new week. This cake’s great, don’t you think? I love it when people make their weddings so personal to who they are. I always think it’s so touching that way. At our wedding, my [soon-to-be] husband read The Lonely Firefly [a kids’ book] because it was then the favourite of our little son. Do you know it? It’s all about a firefly travelling through lots of lonely nights, thinking he’s seeing his friends, the other fireflies, when in fact it’s just lights that look like fireflies – torches, headlights etc. In the end he finds the fireflies he’s been looking for and does a happy sort of dance, flashing his light. The story’s a bit like the story of my husband and I, I suppose…meeting lots of special people in our lives who we thought were The One before finally meeting and marrying each other and knowing we’re for keeps. xoxo