Superheroes and Being Thankful

fantastic four marvel comics cartoon
I’ve been watching _a lot_ of Fantastic Four, the re-make version, with baby number one in the last couple of weeks. He’s extremely into superheroes of all kinds at present, playing goodies and baddies incessantly, and sits watching his films with such concentration it breaks my heart. The funny thing is, I’ve actually loved watching these superhero romps, not just because I love sharing in my boy’s enjoyment of things, of course, but because they’re actually quite fun. And I never would have watched any of them, had this little one showed them to me. It’s not just these action films; he’s introduced me to the joys of so many other things in life, like chocolate spread, water pistols and Postman Pat. I’m so thankful for being shown these wonders and of course for my gorgeous little boy. I can’t wait to find out what else is in store.

image via Big Glee!