Another African Style

south african street style soweto
‘For decades, international designers have been borrowing influences from Africa: tribal and animal prints, head wraps, safari suits, wooden jewellery, Masai blankets and so on. It’s great in terms of keeping Africa on the catwalk, but now designers are doing it for themselves’
Picture: Thabo from The Smarteez collective
south african street style soweto
‘The Smarteez are a four-strong DIY design collective. They epitomise the possibilities that are open to South Africa’s young post apartheid generation. Soweto’s style tribe refuse to be defined by their roots or race, are bold and original in their approach to fashion, and have turned the art of looking good into a fully fledged fashion label and scene’
Picture: Kepi, one of the designers from The Smarteez collective, poses by the local Buy & Braai (barbecue spot)
south african street style soweto smarteez collectiveThabo from the Smarteez, sitting outside a fabric store in downtown Johannesburg, where the collective often shop. He is wearing a traditional Zulu hat made by the lady seen sitting next to him
south african street style
Dirty Paraffin, an electronic music act, posing by a brick wall for South African online magazine, Cuss.
south african street style
Real Actions, a Pantsula dance crew from Orange Farm, South Africa.
…these pictures blew me away. They are all taken from a new book called New African Fashion, by style writer Helen Jennings. In it, she attempts to explore the real face of style across Africa. She looks past the clichés that make it to western catwalks, such as batik print and the ‘safari’ look, to find out more from across the African continent. Geek chic never looked so cool.
[via the guardian]